Student life in Lund is growing. The number of activities in AF-borgen has more than doubled. This is where students engage beyond studies, in everything from spex to recruitment days. The building has room for parties, study groups, debates, radio, theatre and entirely new projects.

This of course takes its toll. AF-borgen was built in 1851 and is in dire need of upgrading and renovation. We need your help securing a sustainable and inclusive building for today’s and future students. Will you help us?


Facade drawing from the first extension in 1911.
Now it’s time again!

Room for more people


Back in the days, AF-borgen was built to house every student in Lund at once. We still want every student to feel that this is their house, without being limited by physical or social barriers. That’s why we want to:

  •  Build a new elevator all the way up to the 5thfloor, accessible from S:t Annegatan

  •  Build new, fully accessible, restrooms

  • Increase the flows around Stora Salen and Athen by building a new staircase

  • Increase the ground floor wardrobe

Room for more activities

We want to create possibilities for student life in Lund to grow even more, with new and exciting initiatives mirroring the diversity of the student population. At the same time, legislative demands on fire safety and logistics are increasing. We want to:

  • Refurbish the big scene and areas around it (e.g. Spexkök and Röda Rummet)

  • Open up between Stora Salen and the current Konsertsalen 

  • Build more restrooms on the ground floor and 1stfloor

  • Create a modern stage for theatre and events on the ground floor

  • Make a new anchor point for logistics and deliveries connected to the new elevator

  • Make room for outdoor café serving towards Lundagård 

Out of sight - still in mind


Some parts of the project will be very visible. Some, again, are not. That doesn’t make them less important. To be able to continue using our building, we also need to take care of:

  • Ventilation

  • Fire cells and sprinklers

  • Doors and locking system update

  • Electrical system

Estimated costs for the project are 80 million SEK. To this, costs for fixtures such as new chairs, tables, and stage equipment will be added. This can’t be funded commercially (e.g. with loans) so we depend entirely on donations and other support.

The work making this possible has been going on for quite some time, and the response has been amazing. However, there’s still some way left to go before we reach our goal. Now we need YOUR help.

Use the link to the left or swish to: 123 268 8091