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History of the Academic Society (AF)

In 1830 there was about 400 students in Lund. The nations economic conditions to maintain their own spaces were bad, their activites were hence quite modest. Student unions did not even exist. There was a wish for a common gathering place for the city’s students, and the Academic Society was founded by the nations together with a few younger teachers at the university. The model example was Studenterforeningen in Copenhagen that had been founded ten years earlier. On New Years eve 1830 as the clock striked midnight the Academic Society was founded. Not, as one may think, to enable student interests, but just to keep an eye on them...

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History of the AF Castle (AF-Borgen)

The AF Castle is a red-brick building complex, constructed in stages, and occupies the entire southern part of the “Association” neighborhood, with facades to the west, south and east. The oldest part is the south. It was built in 1851 and was designed by architect H. J. Strömberg. It became a facility with four wings surrounding a courtyard with a square, crenellated tower at each corner. The facades were articulated on the second floor with lisener and spetsbågefriser, which were distinguished through a brick in a deviant, gray-yellow colour being constructed in the areas between them.  The westfacing façade was finished with bågfrisen while the southfacing façade got an additional floor with spetsbågiga window arrangements and a crenelated finish. Facing the east was only a single floor and in the middle a door towards Sankt Anne street...