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Each semester a large number of exchange students moves to Lund, which of course also want to engage in the student life of Lund in one way or another. Therefore, it is important that there are activities in English! Read more about these activities here.


Recognized Student Associations

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With over 100 000 members in 126 countries and territories, AIESEC is the world’s largest student run non-profit organization. The “Future Leaders” on-campus program offers students to a model to develop their leadership potential by engaging in projects and real life workplace experiences. In addition to this, the "Global Volunteer program" provides opportunities to work on an international project aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals.


ESN Lund

ESN Lund is a non-profit student organization which aims at making the experiences of international students in Lund the best possible by organizing fun events (e.g. trips to Stockholm, Lapland, Sea Battle, cottage weekend or sport activities) and helping students with any problems.


Lund Debate Society

The Lund Debate Society (LDS) is a non-profit, non-partisan association operating in Lund, with the purpose of encouraging and providing a platform for intellectual public debate and critical thinking. The core of the organization focuses on the weekly debate seminars where we encourage our members to actively debate all and any issues.


UPF, The Association of Foreign Affairs

The Association of Foreign Affairs (UPF) is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation dedicated to promote interest in and debate about international issues and politics. UPF was founded on February 8th 1935, and has since then provided a plattform for those interested in exploring the world of politics and foreign affairs. To embrace the international aspect UPF has English as official language. Interest rather than expertise is emphasized in the association.





Oikos Lund is a non-profit student organisation which brings together LUSEM students interested in environmental, social and financial sustainability and responsible business. They empower students to understand the concept of sustainability in economics and management through a rich portfolio of projects.