Starting an Association!

Do you want to start a nonprofit organization/association? We will offer you advice and support in the process. Email to book an appointment and discuss your opportunities and ideas!




Do you feel like something is missing from the current associations in Lund? Perhaps it is you who should start that association! Or you’re finding yourself just in the startup of a new organization. With us, you can join as a cooperation-association.

This is what you need in your application:

  • The association’s statutes,
  • letter of intent for the association where the purpose of the activity is apparent;
  • The overall plan for the coming year

What do you receive as a cooperation-association?

  • Access to use the Blå Vinden as a meeting room without charge, under the rules that are in place for AF’s internal operations.
  • Twice per semester the opportunity to book Athens for free, according to the rules of AF’s internal operations, with the option to book more times with the agreement of the Presidency.
  • A space on the Studentlund calendar
  • A space at hälsningsgillet (the welcoming fair), under the same conditions as for recognized committees
  • Marketing in the newsletter to the Academic Society’s supporting members
  • Marketing in AF’s channels
  • The opportunity to participate in events such as AF-träffen

Recognized Committees

There are currently 22 recognized student committees in the Academic Society that widens the perspective and diversity in Lund’s student life. The committees are independent and are run by students for students. If you are in a committee that is not a part of AF, you can apply to become a “Recognized Committee”. You do this by reaching out to AF’s Presidency. Below you’ll find information that should be included in the application.

This should be included in the application:

  • The committee’s statutes
  • An annual report of the past year
  • Evidence/extract of the decision to apply to become a recognized committee
  • Financial and any kind of annual report or performance report (on the activities at issue)
  • List of officials - list of the board - name, civic number, address, e-mail
  • List of members with civic numbers (used to check that your members and also members of Studentlund/AF)

What do you receive as a recognized committee?

  • Subsidies in the rents of the AF-borgen after Överstyrelsen has proposed a subsidy-plan
  • Links to the student association’s home page on the website
  • The recognized committees on will:
        - be listed as one of the organizations of Studentlund
        - be able to administer their own user profile
        - be able to market events on the home page and on the calendar
  • Ticket sales at subsidized rates through AF’s committee Studentinfo
  • Access to a printer for printing in color in A4/A3 at AF’s office (pay for cost yourself)
  • Access to a post box at the Academic Society (provided that there is one available)
  • Marketing for events in AF-borgens and in AF’s newsletter
  • Fully subsidized rent for the venue “Athen” during evenings, monday - thursday
  • Reduced price during the participation in Hälsningsgillet (welcoming event) (100% reduction atm)
  • Support of the student association through the help of AF’s resources such as marketing and dissemination of information.