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AF consists of 11 committees, involved in all sorts of activities ranging from costume-rentals to radio, poetry and theater. The majority of committee operations take place in the fortress-like castle “AF-borgen” itself, situated in the heart of Lundagård. Apart from these committees, there are approximately 20 additional recognized student-committees as well as a bunch of collaboration-committees to work with. Such committees are independent from AF but are involved in a vast amount of operations, including diversity and politics, spex and extreme sports. As a member of AF you can get involved in any of these committees and activities.


Information about membership:


Everyone who wants to take part in or support the Academic Society’s (AF) operations can be members in AF! You will become a member of AF by joining Studentlund. As a student member in Studentlund you automatically become a member of the Academic Society. At the same time, you also become a member of a student union and nation and so get full access to all of Studentlund’s studies-related and social activities.

As a member of AF you will, among other things, be able to:

  • Get involved in AF’s various committees

  • Rent Studentgården in Skanör

  • Stand in AF Bostäders housing queue

  • Discounts on stage events in AF-borgen

  • Discount on a subscription of Ordkonst

  • Discount in Café Athén

In addition to this, the Academic Society subsidizes the rent in AF-borgen for students and student organizations in order to promote Lund’s students and members of Studentlund. 59 percent of member revenues (via Studentlund and support members) are allocated to Ynglingaborgens konservation fund. Thus, the majority of the membership fee you pay actually goes directly back to you and to the events you attend in AF-Borgen.

The subsidies are divided into four categories:

  • Party subsidies, which include, for example balls, formals and novischsittningar

  • Stage-package, for when spex and theaters have shows on any of the AF-borgen scenes

  • Seminars and meeting, which also includes job fairs

  • Permanent subsidies for offices and other facilities.

For more information about renting AF-borgen, contact the booking secretary, Caroline, at bokning@afborgen.se

Do you have questions regarding the subsidiary system? Contact AF’s verksamhetschef at verksamhetschef@af.lu.se

NOT A student

If you have finished your studies at Lund University or if you want to support the Academic Society in our operations you can become a supporting member. As a supporting member you will have access to a lot of the benefits that members of Studentlund are granted. AF strives to not only be a meeting place between students and non-students, but also between different generations. To become a supporting member it costs 200 kronor a year. You pay for the fiscal year that is july 1st - june 30th.

There are two ways to become a supporting member:

  1. Go to the Studentinfo in AF-borgens foyer

  2. Mail ann@af.lu.se. Make sure that the email contains your name, address and civic number and we will get back to you with further information on how to pay your annual fee.

As a supporting member of AF you will, among other things, be able to:

  • Get involved in AF’s various committees

  • Discounts on stage events in AF-borgen

  • Get invited to AF’s Last of April and November events

  • Rent Studentgården in Skanör to host at or visit during the summer

  • Discount in Café Athén



046-38 49 00

Sandgatan 2
Lund, 223 50
Org. nummer 845000-7441

You will find the Academic Society’s offices on the third floor in AF-borgen