Our operations

We have a number of different committees and associations that together create a wide range of opportunities to get involved. Our ambitions at the Academic Society is that there should be something for everyone and to develop and refine the academic life in Lund. You can be involved at any level that suits you: enjoy the activities as a visitor, or contribute to Lund's unique student life by getting engaged. You can also be engaged in several activities at the same time! If you have any questions regarding how to join in on any of the activities you can contact programchef@af.lu.se.


Speech and Debate

Did you know that we have a committee that publishes a magazine with word art each semester? Or that one of our committees interviews influential people from around the world several times each semester? Whether you want to arrange talks between interesting people, or help organize events fo a writing club, here is something for you. Here you can read more about what AF can offer you.



Broadcast your own radio show, make podcasts about your hobby, organize a film club or get involved in the famous Lund Carnival, which takes place every four years. Check out the Academic Society's selection in the category media here.



With our associations you can do almost everything from horse riding and lacrosse to more wet activities such as wakeboarding, surfing or rowing. Read more about the associations you can do sports or organize events with here.



If literature interests you, there are a lot of activities within AF. Among other things, you can read writings from and about student life in Lund in our archive, or write articles for magazines that Ordkonst and the Lunda Carnival publishes.

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Art and exhibitions

If you are a fan of art and exhibitions, you can do everything from arranging tours or help the Archive showcase Lund's history for it's visitors, or embrace both classical art in the form of painted articles, such as word art in the form of reading circles and various stage activities. Read more about our art and exhibitions here.



Lund has lots of choirs and spex to join, but there are also a lot to do for you who are interested in playing music or dance. Read more about the musical possibilities AF can offer you here.



Make contacts and learn all about young leadership, entrepreneurship and business spirit at the same time. You can also be involved in organizing activities for Lund's exchange students, or take part in these activities if you are on an exchange semester yourself. Read more about your networking opportunities here.


Societal Issues

Political issues have always engaged students in Lund. Through AF, you can get involved in environmental issues, foreign policy issues, sexual-political issues, health issues, diversity and feminist issues, and much more! Welcome to read more about theese associations and issues here.


Theater and Stage Programs

No one have missed that Lund is the place where the spex flourish. As many as six spex are connected to AF. For those who are not interested of spex there are of course also other kinds of stage programs you can get involved with. For example you can paint with words on stage with Ordkonst, try out theater play or help out with the stage programs for the carnival. Here you can read about all the stage programs that AF can offer you.



We who works as AF are committed to provide great service to the students of Lund. If you want to contribute to this, you can do everything from working with information questions for students to help organize dinners and parties with our ceremonial committee. Here you can read more about the services we provide for Lund's students.



If there is anything that students in Lund are good at, it is: 1. Arrange great parties. 2. Party. Whether you want to be involved in organizing the carnival or just hire a really good costume for the next party your are attending, then you will find opportunities to do this with us. Read more about our festive committees and associations here.



If science interests you, there are two associations available through which you can get involved in. You can choose from engage in sustainability issues or to learn more about astronomy. Read more about the science related associations that AF can offer you!


Activities in English

Each semester a large number of exchange students moves to Lund, which of course also want to engage in the student life of Lund in one way or another. Therefore, it is important that there are activities in English! Read more about these activities here.