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Studentgården in Skanör


As a member of the Academic Society you have the opportunity to rent Studentgården (a boardinghouse of sorts) in Skanör - Lund’s students’ very own summer and winter palace in the picturesque town of Skanör. Here, AF’s committees, student nations and other organizations go to socialize, plan for events or just relax from their studies.


Accomodation information

Beds and rooms:

  • 34 beds distributed over three 4-bed rooms, four 3-bed rooms and five 2-bed rooms.


  • A well-equipped kitchen with two large stoves with ovens, large refrigerator, restaurant dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker and kettle.
  • Extra refrigerator for drinks, and a freezer


  • Plates, glasses and cutlery for about 40 people
  • Dining room that can accommodate 34 people


  • The Red Cabinet on the first floor is suitable for smaller groups of 6-10 people
  • The Salon and the Library upstairs can accommodate 10-30 people
  • Board games are available to borrow in the hall outside the auditorium
  • Pianos are available in both the dining room and in the salon
  • A sauna that fits about 10 people is found in the shower room


  • Large garden with many interesting and rare plants
  • Paved patio with furniture and seating for at least 40 people
  • Scenic neighborhood with Flommen and old castle ruins right next door. The sea and the beach is a 10 minute walk away
  • Opportunity to borrow a barbecue - if interested, reach out about it in advance, prior to your trip!
  • For celebrations with many guests there is also a tent for the garden that you can rent


  • There is free wi-fi available
  • Are you hosting a conference or a meeting? Projector, screen and flipcharts are available to borrow - if interested, reach out about it in advance, prior to your trip!


  • Pillows and blankets are available in the rooms but you have to bring your own bedsheets/sleeping bag along with towels and toiletries
  • Set aside time at the end of your stay in order to have time to clean up! Cleaning equipment and instructions are available on site.
  • The house is located in an urban area. Please respect the neighbors by not playing loud music, littering etc. 
  • For your own safety, the fire alarm in the house is directly linked to emergency services. Do not forget to blow out candles when you leave a room, do not smoke inside or next to the house and don’t use a smoke machine!


Contact and booking

During the school year

Staying at Studentgården between August 15th and June 15th comes with self catering and daily rent. Booking Studentgården takes place during the semester through AF’s Secretary, Ann Waldén.
E-mail: ann@af.lu.se
Telephone: 046-38 49 00

During the summer

From June 15th to August 15th all bookings are made directly to the foreman.
Telephone: 040.47 02 15
E-mail: studentgarden@af.lu.se


Prices during the school year

Member of Studentlund

Weekdays: 120 SEK per person/day or 3000 SEK for the entire estate
Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun: 3700 SEK for the entire estat

Supporting member of AF

Weekdays: 300 SEK per person/day or 4500 SEK for the entire estate
Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun: 5200 SEK for the entire estate

For more information and to answer any questions you may have about Studentgården, send an email to ann@af.lu.se or studentgarden@af.lu.se



On the outskirts of Skanör, where the old city meets Flommen, near the church and town hall, Edla and John af Klercker once lived. In the 1930s, Edla af Klercker donated the estate to the Academic Society and Lund’s students in order to provide “an opportunity for study, rest and recreation during free and unforced togetherness” as it was called in the deed of donation. The Academic Society took over the estate in 1939.

Studentgården in Skanör consists of a large house originally built in 1885, additional construction made during the 1970s, and a lush garden. It has a unique atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere and which Lund’s students have enjoyed for generations. Studentgården is a foundation belonging to the Academic Society and is run by a management board together with a student that has been elected as a foreman, and with the landlord, Duncan.


welcome to Studentgården!

Studentgården is located at Kyrkogatan 3, just a hundred or so meters from Skanör’s church. If you don’t have access to a car to drive there, there is convenient public transportation that will take you from Lund to Skanör.

Telephone: 046-38 49 00

Email: studentgarden@af.lu.se

Please note! In order to rent Studentgården in Skanör you have to be a member of the Academic Society (AF)!