What can I do?

Do you have an idea for something that in some way enriches and broadens Lund’s student life? Then you can apply for money from the Academic Society Project Fund!

In the spring of 2011 the Academic Society started a fund with the hopes to encourage creative projects and ideas that broaden the range of Lund’s student life and makes Lund to an even more eventful place than it already is.

The Project Fund has under its first few years supported a variety of activities such as a snowboard festival in Lundagård, an integration project with a focus on students, an entrepreneur contest, a fashion fair in AF-borgen and much, much more. Only imagination sets the limits and we would obviously like to see just how far your creative powers extend! 


Previous Projects:


Escape room, 2019

“The idea behind the escape room was to make this type of activity more student-friendly as it is often expensive. The idea was also to offer a non-alcoholic event for studentlund members.  With the help of Af projektfond, one of our formen got the opportunity to organize this project. Wermlands nation also got the opportunity to create a collaboration between the Academic Society which we have experienced to be very fun! We plan to host more this kind of events in the future as the escape room was much appreciated!”

Equality day, 2019

“The student life in Lund engages a lot of students, and about 120 of those work part or full time to manage the Academic Society, the nations, and the faculties, thus making the student life in Lund one of the best in Sweden. After the phenomenon #metoo, this group of students noticed an increase in reports regarding sexual harassments. Even if an increase in reports was seen as something positive, due to the fact that incidents have to be reported to be acted upon, there was no support or protection for the students who received the reports.

The Academic Society's Project Fund made a course dealing with the aforementioned issues a possibility. The goal of the course was to prepare the full time working students in Lund in how to handle reports regarding sexual harassments, but also provide them with the tools to pass this information and discussion on to their respective organisations.”



Lund Yoga Community, 2018

"The Lund Yoga Community is a donation-based yoga studio that strives to make yoga accessible for everyone in Lund. With the help of the project fund by the Academic Society, The Lund Yoga Community has managed to become a sustainable yoga studio and the community continues to grow at a surprising pace! I am very grateful to see people so curious about practicing yoga. The Lund Yoga Community started as an idea and now, the LYC has a safe space to practice, a vibrant community who enjoys yoga, and a diverse culture of people who continue to spark creativity!" 

sexolution, 2018

“AFs project fond made it possible for five behavioural science students to arrange a sex-positive evening at Mejeriet. They invited the popular podcast “Alla Våra Ligg” for an evening with a live-podd and a gameshow. The student organisation Projekt 6 also helped with a sex inspired quiz. While mingling the visitors could look at sex and body positive art from Emma Tenke, Linnea Håkansson and Hedda Vitestam. The goal for the night was to create an open and fun atmosphere to help people explore their sexuality. With 120 attendants we are happy to say that we succeeded! - Students from Behavioral Science program.”

Skärmavbild 2018-11-08 kl. 15.43.42.png


femilund, 2018

“In order to honour the international women’s day in 2018 Femilund, along with Radio AF and Mejeriet, organized an evening of culture and creativity in order to create space for women and non-men. During the evening students in Lund could listen to live performances for band, artists and spoken word as well as watch an short movie, buy art from local artists and dance the night away to music played by different DJs.” - FemiLund


”Some students at Lund university, interested in film, saw a demand of accesible information about information and events regarding the student life. Thus, they started a project which they named Studio AF. The project was meant to produce moving productions to different student organisations, and making comical sketches regarding what was happening in the student life. Numbers paint a good picture: With thousands of views on their clips and over a thousand followers on Facebook, there’s no denying the success of the project”.  - Studio AF




”The project was born from an idea of a more constructive and uplifting view on environmental issues – a way to counter an environmental depression that we felt was spreading throughout the student life. Forty participants were recruited for a six-part course; one introduction, one evening with sustainable food-planning with Kimberly Nichols, one about environmental justice, one about the oceans with Michael Palmgren, one about sustainable transportations with Thomas Björnsson, and a finale where it all was tied together. The different classes were divided in two parts; one introduction and one part with problem solving, which varied week from week.” - Climate Reality Lund


”During Spring 2017, the project EcoDare was arranged with support from the Project Fund. The aim of the project was to challenge individual students to approach a more sustainable way of life. Alongside the challenge, the students were provided with information about how their day to day-choices affected changes to the environment. The participants could choose to partake in a three week long challenge to change some or many of their behaviours related to the environment”. - LU-Vision EcoDare




”The aim of the project was to inform about insects as a healthy and environmental friendly source of protein. Two events were arranged: one insect-banquet, and one workshop. At the banquet the 70 participants were invited to taste five small courses, which contained different types of insects. During the banquet, shorter presentations regarding the advantages of insects as a food source were held. Two weeks later, during the workshop, the 30 participants were allowed to build their own mealworm farm with recycled material. Furthermore, they received some information regarding home grown produce.” - Hållbart Universitet


”The game project Divided Land was a unique event and is a so called ”mega-game”. Divided Land was played in real-time where the players were supposed to take the role of a leader for one of the countries involved in the conflict in Palestine during the british mandate in 1947. The aim was to let the participants play a fun and different game, but to also understand the political gravity of the situation.” - Game Makers Malmö




”With grants from the Project Fund, Lund Debate Society organised four workshops during three days for about 100 participating students. The aim was to improve the students´ ability to construct arguments and build confidence when it comes to speaking in fron of an audience. To make this possible, some of Europes greatest coaches for public speaking and debate were present.”  - Lund Debate Society


”The project was meant to aid students in finding initiatives and companies related to sustainability. A group of students produced a map showing where they could buy, transport, and do things in a sustainable way. The grant from the Project Fund was used to print 7500 maps that was handed out to students and companies in Lund. ”  - Lund University Green Network



True cost of coal, 2016 

This project was a workshop on storytelling & art-based communication on climate change. The three-days workshop was a mixture of input, small group and single work and interactive discovering and presentation in a multimodal way. The “The true Cost of Coal”- banner draws a connection between the extraction of fossil fuels, the history of industrialization, colonization and power, local and global consequences and resistance movements and the issue of alternative approaches to economic growth.


”During autumn 2015, AAFRA arranged an evening dedicated to diverse elements of African culture. They supplied traditional food from both east and west, a mix of African music, a quiz, and discussions about temporary questions regarding Africa and its people. The event took place at Samvetet with about 50 participants.”  - AAFRA




”During the project Film Festival, the Association of African Affairs AAFRA, wanted to shed light on the international decade for people with African heritage through a Film Festival where the majority (4/5) of the directors were of African heritage, and were each film treated an area that affected people who identify with African heritage. Each film was followed by a panel discussion where the audience were allowed to ask questions, alongside discussions about how the questions raised in the films affected todays people of African Heritage.”  - AAFRA

The “Rocket Shop” project, 2015

The ”Rocket Shop” project was kicked off by a lecture at ProLab where the practical and legal requirements of the rocketeering hobby were presented, together with a display of rockets and equipment. People built and launched rockets that landed safely and then could fly again. It’s not really rocket science, more like a wood shop, hence – the Rocket Shop, and is the only active rocket society in southern Sweden, probably all of Sweden.



World AIDS week, 2015

In connection to the World AIDS Day Projekt Sex organized the ”World AIDS Weeks”, during which several events will took place in order to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic within Lund. Under the theme “Lund cares, do you?”, students of Lund University could get informed about the disease, its history and how to protect oneself properly at the events. Some events included free HIV testing, pub quizzes and lectures by a former UNAIDS worker and by a person living with HIV.

Lund IV Debate Tournament, 2015

One of the largest debate tournaments in all of mainland Europe took place in December 2015, hosted by Lund Debate Society. Thanks to AF’s Projektfond, everything from foreign policy to the future of feminism was fruitfully debated in an open forum dedicated to the ideals of free speech.




”In 2015, active at Västgöta Nation produced the cook book ”Välkommen Hem”. They wanted to find out what has influenced the food culture in Lund, which was done by following students home to take part of their influences. They wanted to show what students do during their time in Lund and what they´re capable of when it comes to cooking” - Västgöta Nation

AAFRA, Association of African Affairs, 2015

AAFRA is an organization that wants to contribute to a richer student life by offering a forum for those who are interested in issues and concerns regarding Africa. With support from the Project Fund, AAFRA was able to re-open its organization and arrange a kick-off where they invited interested students to enjoy food, music, a quiz, and a mingle.



Voice training and character for theater, 2015 

The grant from the Project Fund has been used to host a half-day workshop led by a person from the performing arts community PotatoPotato. The actors, with help from professional and educational guidance, a methodical warm up of the body, voice exercises focusing on chest support and help working with emotions like sadness and anger. The workshop’s focus was to find things in oneself that can be the basis for a character.

LUPEF Water Week, 2014

LUPEF (Lund’’s Political and Economic Association) organized a week of activities with the theme of Water, where the goal was to raise funds for the organization WaterAid. With support from the Project Fund, the meteorologist Nils Holmqvist was invited to lecture in Eden’s auditorium. Other events included a dinner at Västgöta nation, a Picnic Quiz in the Botanical Garden and participation in Lund’s Pride festival. The result of the collection ended up at 5500 SEK, which was donated to WaterAid.



The International Day, 2014 

The International Day is arranged by 7 of Lund University’s student unions and is a day dedicated to the international students at Lund University. Through a problem-solving mindset, the concerns of international students in the student life, at the university and in Lund and Sweden is discussed and highlighted. With support from the Project Fund, the day offered international students photographing for their resumes, seminars about how to write a resume (in Sweden), stories from alumni and their work experiences in Sweden as well as workshops.

art night in lund, 2014 

With help from the Project Fund, the Academic Society’s Art Collection implemented an exhibition called “Art Night in Lund”. The exhibition offered the artwork of twelve Nordic female artists, most of them related to Lund and Skåne. Examples of these are Tora Vega Holmström, Ellen Trotzig, Hedvig Tegner and textile artist Hannah Ryggen.



UPF 80 year anniversary, 2014

UPF (Foreign Policy Association) turned 80 and an anniversary celebration was organized. It was organized with lectures and workshops to give Lund’s students and residents an opportunity to take part of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. Speaker Birgitta Ohlsson, Per Bolund and Asger Ryhl share their experiences in international politics and talked about their views on the goals. The Project Fund helped finance an event where members and alumni gathered to celebrate the history of UPF and inspire new members to drive the association forward.

Inter-Nordic student meetings, 2014

In 1843, the first Nordic student meeting was held in Uppsala where a large number of students from universities in the Nordic countries met and discussed current events. In the fall of 2014, Kuratorskollegiet hosted a Nordic student meeting in Lund. During the weekend, lectures, workshops and a banquet were held. The meeting ended with the signing of a treaty on strengthening future cooperation between the organizations.


Skärmavbild 2017-12-01 kl. 17.20.47.png

60VALEN, 2013

”During autumn 2013, the 60valen was held with aid from the Project Fund! 60valen was a festival for two days in Lundagård, where 60 choices were offered! The purpose was to create a platform for the organisations of the Academic Society to be seen together.

Through this co-operation, Studentlund and the city of Lund could get a clear picture of what AF does, and thus create an interest for future engagement. 9 out of 12 committees and 7 out of 21 recognised organisations participated in this festival.” - Akademiska Föreningen.


”On October 5th, 2013, the Pink March was arranged in Lund. With close to 400 participants and 38 000 SEK donated to Bröstcancerfonden, the Pink March was a success. The 5km march through Lund was accompanied by Alte Kamereren matching beats. Back at Campus LTH the Pink Party took place with pink smoothies, coffe, sandwiches, apples, and pastry. The winners of the different competitions during the match was presented, and main awards; iPad and Nokia Lumia were handed out. Finally, four inspirational classes, regarding research into breast cancer, was held. The Pink March 2013 was held thanks to grants from AF:s Project Fund.”  - Rosa Marschen




”During the summer of 2012 some members within AF found that couronne is an excellent way to engage socially, thus the idea to play in more organised forms to reach out to others were formed. The organisation LACS, Lunds Akademiska Couronnesällskap, was founded and received grants from the Project Fund to kick-start their activities”. - LACS

Lundagårds Debate Breakfasts, 2013 

How can the university and the students get better at including international students? How will the university handle the concerns that student literacy is plummeting? And what are Lund’s ordenssällksap up to? These are some of the issues discussed at Lundagård’s breakfast meetings organized in Athen once a month. Here they raise the hottest topics in the magazine’s latest issue through a debate with a panel of experts or interesting debaters, headed by Lund’s Debate Society.


Copy of LGBT-seminar.jpg


”During spring 2013, RFSU held a seminar together with Studentafton and P6 on the subject ”HBTQ-activism in countries where it’s not socially acceptable”. Participating in the seminar was Prince Manvendra Sing Gohil of India, his godson Deepak Kashyap, vice-chairman of RFSU Petter Forkstam, HBTQ-activist Natascia Bernardi, and the moderator Maria Tonini.”  - RFSU LundStudentafton och Projekt 6

Heteroweek with P6, 2013 

For the first time Projekt 6 (P6) arranged a week long campaign about heterosexuality and how it affects us all. It was a week with lectures, workshops, quiz, short film screening, reflections, discussions and a lot more! With the support from AF we were able to hold two amazing lectures, one about heterosexuality and the law and the other about how heterosexuals really have sex.



Voices of Women, 2013 

The Lund Debate Society (LDS) believes in reclaiming public discourse and promoting free speech, not just for the few who dare to speak but also those in particular whose voices have been drowned out. In celebration of International Women’s Day, LDS hosted a one-­‐day conference entitled ‘Voices of Women’ at Samhällsvetarkåren’s office, Samvetet. The event was planned and manned by members of LDS and had 18 participants, all students at Lund University and members of AF.

Lund Student Fashion Fair, 2012 

The 29th of November, 2012, 20-something designers gathered in Athen. It became a very appreciated evening where students displayed their clothing designs, accessories and illustrations. The project was initiated by two dedicated students with a passion for design, but were in need of an event to show their creations. Through this desire, they created Lund Student Fashion Fair, an evening with entertainment by the internationally famous house-DJ Björn Åkesson, Boelspexare walking the runway and food provided by AF’s Marskalkeri.



FENA Challenge, 2012 

FENA Challenge is a challenge-driven innovation competition, focusing on the work process. The competition was originally organized in the fall of 2012. Part of the competition included ten “active” evenings where participants could take part in counseling sessions, inspirational lectures and workshops, as well as time to work within the group. The Project Fund contributed with financial support and counseling for the teams, along with dinner for the participants during four of the “active” evenings.

Lund Debate Challenge, 2012 

Lund Debate Challenge is one of the leading Scandinavian debate tournaments, bringing students from all across Europe together to test their ideas and push boundaries forward by debating some of the most pressing issues to the society at large. A grant from AF’s project fund made it possible to bring in external guest judges and cover costs for venues and printing materials.




On September 22, 2012, Gothenburg’s nation organized Lund’s largest and most fun day of celebration, the Late Summer Festival! With Hoffmaestro on stage and a series of fun activities, the day became one that will be forever remembered by many students! Nearly 1100 pre-sale tickets were sold, and all the invited visitors (except for Hoffmaestro) were also invited in several other events


”15 different organisations from Lund were represented during the project where Hanin Shakrah held a lecture on the foundations of diversity. The lecture was followed by discussions and group exercises, which resulted in a number of project ideas which developed further in to the so called Mångfaldsplattformen.”  - Akademiska Föreningens Mångfaldsgrupp




Thanks to some dedicated enthusiasts, there stood an ice rink ready for Sweden’s southernmost ski and snowboard race ever. The riders were incredibly excited and a brave bunch of spectators endured the rain. Under the headlights the crowd was entertained by a series of high-class tricks and probably the first ever “backflips” and “900’s in the history of Lundagård.

The Reflecting Engineer, 2012

The Reflecting Engineer is an annual series of lectures around the topic of the environment and sustainability. The first time the series was held was in 2012 when it included five lectures, along with lunch, four during the spring and one in the fall. The Spring hosted lectures by, among others, EU parliament’s Carl Schlyter and the Social Entrepologist Brian Palmer. In the fall, Lund Sustainable Engineers held an inspirational lecture about the future’s opportunities for today’s engineering students.



KIckstart TSiL, 2011

TSiL, Tamam’s student association in Lund, works with integration, diversity and anti-racism issues in and around Lund’s student life and was formed in the middle of the spring semester of 2011. With the contribution of the Project Fund, they have been able to put up posters and other marketing materials and been able to focus on quickly initiating activities without having to worry about not being able to afford implementing them.

Lund Wakefest, 2011

Lund’s Wakefest 2011 was a great success with over 1000 happy people whom enjoyed the sun and the competition in Sjön Sjön. Lund’s Wakefest is founded on a strong commitment from, among others, Lund’s Extremsortarsällskap and Skåne’s Kabelsportförening. The event was ultimately followed through by AF being considered a valued partner that provided advice and a network into the student life. AF were also a financial contributor to a successful event through funds from the Project Fund.



Humanifestivalen, 2011

May 7th Project Athena organized a Humanifestival in the central park in Lund with help from AF’s Project Fund. During the day, 10 different local bands performed, LUST student theater, AMC Bleckhornen as well as the writing groups Ordkonst and Skalla attended. It became a very successful day with a large number of visitors and many events and activities. It is largely thanks to fund programs, such as the one AF offers, that it became possible to host the festival.

As this was the first time hosting the festival they had a difficult time receiving money from the municipality and other potential sponsors who were unwilling to invest without it being a well-established event This can for many organizers dependent on sponsorships to become a catch-22, which is why we are especially grateful to AF’s Project Fund for believing and making Humanifestivalen 2011 possible.