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If there is anything that students in Lund are good at, it is: 1. Arrange great parties. 2. Party. Whether you want to be involved in organizing the carnival or just hire a really good costume for the next party your are attending, then you will find opportunities to do this with us. Read more about our festive committees and associations here.




Klädkammaren rents out costumes from past spex, plays, musicals and Lundakarnevaler. All members of Studentlund who are interested in clothes, sewing, creating, or in any matter wants to become involved with Klädkammaren are welcome to contact the committee at any time. Klädkammaren is open Thursdays between kl. 17.00-19.30 and they accept cash or swish.



Marskalkeriet is the Academic Society's social, representative and ceremonial committees. They organize internal and external celebrations and representations for the Academic Society and are responsible for the AF's attendance at, for example, academic fests.

Want to help organize events for one of Lund’s oldest associations? Please contact the head marshall at marskalkeriet@af.lu.se!



Recognized Student Associations



Lundakarnevalen is held every four years and is organized by around 5000 of Lund’s students that turn Lundagård into a large carnival area. Every carnival has a theme and last year’s theme was Future-carnival. The next Lundakarneval will be held in May 2018!