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Make contacts and learn all about young leadership, entrepreneurship and business spirit at the same time. You can also be involved in organizing activities for Lund's exchange students, or take part in these activities if you are on an exchange semester yourself. Read more about your networking opportunities here.


Recognized Committees


With over 90 000 members in 126 countries is Aiesec the world’s largest student-run association. Through its membership program, Aiesec in Lund offers a platform for young leaders to grow. We also offer current students and recent graduates  the opportunity for internships abroad or to develop professional skills through volunteerings.



ESN Lund is a non-profit student organization which aims at making the experiences of international students in Lund the best possible by organizing fun events (e.g. trips to Stockholm, Lapland, Sea Battle, cottage weekend or sport activities) and helping students with any problems.


Fena, the Committee for Entrepreneurs and New Business-Spirits

FENA works to promote the entrepreneurial spirit at universities and colleges in Sweden. The committee works to inspire students to develop new ideas and pursue them as entrepreneurs. WE are actively working to inspire, raise awareness and help students to realize their dreams and create their own opportunities.


LUPEF, Lund’s Political and Economic Association

An association that is primarily for students studying pol.mag and pol.kand with the fundamental aim of creating a network of contacts; to encourage political and economic debate as well as monitor the pol.mag and pol.kand students interests.



SjöLund is naval academic association, founded in 1964, striving to be a relaxing escape from work and studies, gathering members around the academic and örlogsmässiga traditions, asserting naval interests, to maintain communication with the active comrades of the fleet and to promote the cohesion between members and the fleet.