The Academic Society’s (AF) Överstyrelse conducts the elections for the various posts that are within association as well for new board members of AF Bostäder and AF-borgen ABs boards. Being a member of one of the boards puts you in charge of driving the various associations and committees forward through long-term strategic issues. The boards also support the activities in order to manage future challenges. The Presidency works on AF’s daily agenda and the 5 full-time students have different areas of responsibilities along with common goals for the internal operations of AF.

Being a foreman for a committee you are responsible for driving the group forward, sometimes with the help of a management team that is selected internally by the committee (depending on the size of the committee).


Available positions:

When positions are available, read about them here.


The positions that exists within the Academic Society:


The Presidency

  • Operations manager

  • Communications manager

  • Program manager

  • Housing ombudsman

  • Edil

The board

  • Chairman

  • Vice Chairman

  • Economic expert

  • Legal expert

  • Seven members



  • Arkivarie (foreman for the Archives)

  • Studentinfo foreman

  • Studentafton foreman

  • The Closet foreman

  • Station manager (foreman for Radio AF)

  • Art foreman

  • Poet (foreman for Ordkonst)

  • Lundaspex foreman

  • Boelspex foreman

  • Theater foreman

  • Head marshall

AF Bostäder Foundation

  • Three members

  • Two members that represent economic as well as legal expertise and experience

  • Two auditors according to what the foundation?) statutes prescribes



AF Borgen AB

  • Four members to AF Borgen ABs board

Other positions

  • Dei Minores

  • Secretary of the Scholarship Board



All positions stated above are selected per fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th) by Överstyrelsen, except for the Communications manager and Edil who are elected for the period from January 1st to December 31st. The call for applications for all positions within AF occurs on the website and on the notice board outside of Studentinfo from around March/April or October/November (depending on the position). For more information about the positions and how to apply, please contact the communications manager of AF at kommunikationschef@af.lu.se.