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Political issues have always engaged students in Lund. Through AF, you can get involved in environmental issues, foreign policy issues, sexual-political issues, health issues, diversity and feminist issues, and much more! Welcome to read more about theese associations and issues here.


Recognized Student Associations


Sustainable University

An environmental association who fights to save world and has a fun time doing so! The association works by the motto “think global, act locally” and has local as well as international issues on its agenda. The association’s goal is to strengthen and coordinate student involvement in environmental and sustainability concerns at Lund University.



With over 100 000 members in 126 countries and territories, AIESEC is the world’s largest student run non-profit organization. The “Future Leaders” on-campus program offers students to a model to develop their leadership potential by engaging in projects and real life workplace experiences. In addition to this, the "Global Volunteer program" provides opportunities to work on an international project aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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The East Asia Student Association Lund (EASA) is a politically and religiously unaffiliated student association who is dedicated to increase interest and spread knowledge about East- and Southeast Asia. We promote academic and socio-cultural exchanges between members from different backgrounds through various activities, such as lectures, language cafés, cook-alongs and much more. Simply put, if you are interested in East- and Southeast Asia, then EASA is the right place for you! 


LAOS, Lunds Akademiska officerssällskap

LAOS aims to spread interest and knowledge regarding defense and security issues, which is done by the association organizing lectures, debates and seminars on these topics. The association works completely independently from both the Armed Forces and the University.

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LUPEF, Lund’s Political and Economic Association

An association that is primarily for students studying pol.mag and pol.kand with the fundamental aim of creating a network of contacts; to encourage political and economic debate as well as monitor the pol.mag and pol.kand students interests.



An independent student organization working for Lund University’s students to promote sexual health on a physical, emotional and social level. Our goal is to generate a larger awareness of sexual health and a safer sexual behavior among the students in Lund.



SjöLund is naval academic association, founded in 1964, striving to be a relaxing escape from work and studies, gathering members around the academic and örlogsmässiga traditions, asserting naval interests, to maintain communication with the active comrades of the fleet and to promote the cohesion between members and the fleet.


UPF, The Association of Foreign Affairs

The Association of Foreign Affairs (UPF) is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation dedicated to promote interest in and debate about international issues and politics. UPF was founded on February 8th 1935, and has since then provided a plattform for those interested in exploring the world of politics and foreign affairs. To embrace the international aspect UPF has English as official language. Interest rather than expertise is emphasized in the association.


Cooperation Associations



FemiLund work is based off of three pillars: providing feminists at Lund University a natural meeting place, offering feminist activities, and contribute to a better and more inclusive university. Under these three pillars, they organize activities such as lectures, discussion evenings, workshops, club nights and other fun things!



Oikos Lund is a non-profit student organisation which brings together LUSEM students interested in environmental, social and financial sustainability and responsible business. They empower students to understand the concept of sustainability in economics and management through a rich portfolio of projects.  


Lund Sustainable Engineers

Lund Sustainable Engineers is a free student organization under the Technology Committee at LTH. They develop students' interest and commitment to environment, ethics and sustainable development. This is done by arranging lectures, seminars, ethics, documentaries and discussions. LSE is a platform where students network and share ideas and experiences.


Students Aware Lund

Students Aware Lund seeks to spark an aware and critical spirit amongst their members. Global, pressing issues that can be forgotten are discussed, investigated, and presented in their lectures. These lectures are opportunities for students to practice performance skills and presentation design. Furthermore, Students Aware Lund organize field trips with discussion themes to different parts of Scandinavia.