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Did you know that we have a committee that publishes a magazine with word art each semester? Or that one of our committees interviews influential people from around the world several times each semester? Whether you want to arrange talks between interesting people, or help organize events fo a writing club, here is something for you. Here you can read more about what AF can offer you.





The Studentafton committee has for over a hundred years invited world renowned personalities to Student Evenings where everyone is welcome. A Studentafton always begins with the guest holding a speech after which the audience is given an opportunity to ask questions to the guest. There are a number of areas of responsibility to get involved in such as press, economy, technology, sponsorship, marketing, podcasts and ticketing.



Ordkonst publishes a literary magazine with essays, critiques, reportage and fictional pieces. Moreover, they host writing-circles, film-circles and reading-circles, as well as theater. At Ordkonst there is something for everyone who is interested in literature and culture. If you want to know more about the activities, take part in one of the events or get the latest issue of the magazine, do not hesitate to contact the committee.


Recognized Student Associations


LUPEF, Lund's Political and Economic Association

An association that is primarily for students studying pol.mag and pol.kand with the fundamental aim of creating a network of contacts; to encourage political and economic debate as well as monitor the pol.mag and pol.kand students interests.


UPF, Foreign Policy Association

UPF is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation dedicated to promote interest in and debate about international issues and politics. UPF was founded on February 8th 1935, and has since then provided a plattform for those interested in exploring the world of politics and foreign affairs. To embrace the international aspect UPF has English as official language. Interest rather than expertise is emphasized in the association.


Lund Debate society

The Lund Debate Society (LDS) is a non-profit, non-partisan association operating in Lund, with the purpose of encouraging and providing a platform for intellectual public debate and critical thinking. The core of the organization focuses on the weekly debate seminars where we encourage our members to actively debate all and any issues.

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LAOS aims to spread interest and knowledge regarding defense and security issues, which is done by the association organizing lectures, debates and seminars on these topics. The association works completely independently from both the Armed Forces and the University.


Cooperation Associations


FemiLund work is based off of three pillars: providing feminists at Lund University a natural meeting place, offering feminist activities, and contribute to a better and more inclusive university. Under these three pillars, they organize activities such as lectures, discussion evenings, workshops, club nights and other fun things!