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With our associations you can do almost everything from horse riding and lacrosse to more wet activities such as wakeboarding, surfing or rowing. Read more about the associations you can do sports or organize events with here.


Recognized Student Associations


Lars - lunds akademiska ryttarsällskap

LARS is a nonprofit organization with the mission to promote the practice of equestrian sports among university and college students. The association has been around since 1959 and still it gathers horse-interested students to maintain their interest during their time at university together with others who share the same hobby.


Less - lunds extremsportarsällskap

Ett glatt gäng vars syfte är att främja extremsport genom sammanföra såväl utövare och intresserade och tillsammans lära av varandra och av kulturen. Testa på surfning, wakeboard, skateboard, mountainboard, klättring och mera med oss!


Lurk, lunds universitets roddklubb

Lund University Rowing Club were founded in 1992 and rows on the Malmö canal, but also takes part in competitions all over Sweden. They are the oldest University rowing team in Sweden, and row with both experienced rowers and those that want to learn a new sport.




Lund lacrosse

Lund Lacrosse is a non-profit sports team active in the Lund/Malmö-area. We welcome everyone that is interested in trying out or have been playing lacrosse before. We are a mixed team of both swedish and international students that hang out even outside practice. We hope to see you on the pitch!