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No one have missed that Lund is the place where the spex flourish. As many as six spex are connected to AF. For those who are not interested of spex there are of course also other kinds of stage programs you can get involved with. For example you can paint with words on stage with Ordkonst, try out theater play or help out with the stage programs for the carnival. Here you can read about all the stage programs that AF can offer you.




Boelspexarna is one of two comedy-clubs (a pantomime, of sorts) within the Academic Society. Within Boelspexarna there are about 100 students involved, doing completely voluntary work with everything from painting decor, doing makeup, sewing clothes, cooking and working in the bar. On stage, there are solely girls but everything else is open to both boys and girls to take part of and get involved in. As a student in Lund, you have not only the opportunity to engage in spex, but also be part of the great spex audience.



Lundaspexarna is one of Lund's most famous spex clubs and are set up twice a year - one around last April and one around last November. Lundaspexarna both preserve and renew the comedy tradition by for the spring performance putting up a classic show while the one in the fall is often newly written. Prior to each new production, Lundaspexarna host an event where all members of the Academic Society can show interest and sign up to join.


Lust, Lund's Student Theater

Lund’s Student Theater produces plays a few times each year - both classics and self-written,  and frequently in  English. They also often arrange acting and improv exercises and cultural or improv cafés every once in a while, which of course are open for anyone to attend. They need a lot of excited people that are interested in improving their acting or improv skills, help cook for various dinners, organize fun events, do makeup, sew clothes, help with set design or technology. Having a producer and director is of course also extremely important!



Ordkonst publishes a literary magazine with essays, critiques, reportage and fictional pieces. Moreover, they host writing-circles, film-circles and reading-circles, as well as theater. At Ordkonst there is something for everyone who is interested in literature and culture. If you want to know more about the activities, take part in one of the events or get the latest issue of the magazine, do not hesitate to contact the committee.


Recognized Student Associations



Lundakarnevalen is held every four years and is organized by around 5000 of Lund’s students that turn Lundagård into a large carnival area. Every carnival has a theme and last year’s theme was Future-carnival. The next Lundakarneval will be held in May 2018!



Jesperspexet, which originates from Lund’s Engineering School, is a student comedy/pantomime club with a mixed ensemble on stage that sets up performances on the main stage in AF-borgen. They produce new-written shows, with a promise of good entertainment every year. The original showing and production takes place in mid-February, with a second production and re-showing in the middle of September.




Var Gladspexarna is a nation-free and union-less spex club that is striving in Lund. It is a stimulating place for creative people to express themselves and create new relationships in a safe environment. The student association has been active since 1998 and continues to produce hilarious performances every semester in the concert hall of AF-borgen.



Toddyspexarna has around 115 members who spend the entire month of March to work toward a common goal - to produce a show that will hit southern Sweden with amazement. While doing this, they have a really fun and crazy month. Since 1979 it has also re-produced their show at the City Theater in Ystad.



With a group of about 60 members, Spegatspexet, founded in 2011, gives one show every semester in AF-Borgen. For three weeks we will build a show from the start and get to know a lot of new friends. In the fourth and last week we put it all together and show our work to the world!